The Certified Institute of Auctioneers, Nigeria is the centre of expertise in Nigeria for all matters relating to Auctions and Auctioneering.
Established to provide professional qualifications of highest standards through its training courses and seminars, sharing of experiences, ideas and development of contacts between members nationally and other auctioneers’ institutes around the globe.
Accordingly, the institute places great emphasis on education and on its task of recruiting and preparing people for a career in auctioneering.

In view of the foregoing, CIAN sponsored and lobbied for the passage of "The Chartered institute of Auctioneers of Nigeria" - HB 599. This bill was passed into law by the Federal house of Representatives in 2018 with concurrence by the Senate in 2019 during the 8th National Assembly and currently awaiting the President's assent.

1. Sets the Professional standard, train and educate individuals as the case may be in the act of auctioneering practise in Nigeria.
2. Provides proficiency training for auctioneers and award trainees with proficiency certificate.
3. Organises conferences, seminars, trainings and workshops as a means of impacting more knowledge and issue attendees the certificate of participation.
4. To issue and award professional training certificate qualifications in auctioneering to members.
5. To make auctioneering a teaching subject and course of study in Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics.
6. Restores discipline by way of re-instating decorum in auctioneering practise in Nigeria.
7. Conducts research and publish the outcome of such in the area of auctioneering.
8. Conducts and provide consultancy services to individuals and organization in the business of auctioneering.
9. Increases public awareness and understanding of auctioneering as a vital business factor with contribution to make to the nation and prosperity of Nigerians.
10. At the same time, it seeks to participate in National Public Affairs by making representation to Government at all levels and other natonal bodies for the common good of auction industry and national prosperity.

As the auction Profession continues to grow all over the world and increasing number of clients begin to use auction services as a preferred method of sales for personal and real properties in all segments of the economy. The Certified Institute of Auctioneers, Nigeria is strategically postioned as a leading institute upholding highest ethical auction practice standard in Nigeria. In line with the foegoing, the institute is collaborating with the consulting unit of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria as well as the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) and National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers, UK (NAVA) towards providing sound and up to date auction training in various faculties.

Our members (Certified Auctioneers - ACAI, MCAI or FCAI holders) are well equiped and knowledgable to provide quality services to clients seeking the service of qualified auctioneers in Nigeria.


Dr. Ayodeji Akinso


Mr. Sola Abeji


Mr Akoh Salifu

PhD, MBA, FCNA, FIMC, MCIA, Chairman Kaduna State 

Auctioneer Jokosenumi Babatunji Adebowale


Auctioneer Hillary Nwaukor FCAI


Auctioneer Sanni Muhammad Olaide




Please note: Certified institute of Auctioneers Nigeria is the only professional auction body responsible for training and certification of Auctioneers in Nigeria. The general public are hereby notified.

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