Concluded Digital Marketing Summit.
Held on the 5/03/2020.
Time:11:00 AM
Venue: Lagos Chambers of Commerce Conference & Event  
Alausa, Lagos

The Certified Institute of Auctioneers, Nigeria will be organising summit on the 5th of March 2020.
Theme: Planning & Executing Mobile Marketing Auctions.
Guest Speaker: Hillary Nwaukor, CEO at

Some lecturers from the Certified institute of Auctioneers Nigeria and the Registrar during a 3 days Executive Auctioneers course for Officials Lagos State Auctioneers Commission in the Ministry of Commerce ,Industry and Cooperative. February 2020

Day 3 during the Executive Auctioneers course for Officials Lagos State Auctioneers Commission in the Ministry of Commerce ,Industry and Cooperative. February 2020

The Professional Post Graduate Diploma (PPGA) of the UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN CONSULTANCY UNIT 2019/ 20 graduates

LAGOS STATE CHAPTER: 2nd edition of Lagos Auctioneers Conference & Distinguished Service Award Presentation

The Lagos state chapter will be holding a 2nd edition of Lagos state auctioneers conference and disguished service award presentation on the 21st of August 2019. 
Theme: Marketing and Advertising Auctioneers Services.
Guest Lecturer: Professor Benjamin Ehigie


The Oyo state membership induction program lecture was delivered by Professor Benjamin Ehigie from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria on the 20th of July 2019
Professor Benjamin has over ninety (90) publications (textbooks and journals) they are recognised locally and internationally. His publications include but not limited to publications on Consumer Behaviour, Marketing and Advertising Psychology.
He is the Guest Lecturer during the membership induction program of Certified Institute of Auctioneers, Nigeria Oyo state chapter 2019.
Topic: Marketing & Advertising Auctioneering Services.
Date: 20th July 2019
Prof. Benjamin is a visiting scholar at Dickson College, Pennsylvania USA where he taught Psychology between 2004 - 2005.
He was Sub-dean and twice Head of Department of Psychology at the University of Ibadan.
He is an external examiner to several universities in Nigeria and three graduates under his tutelage are now Professors respectively.


Chartered Institute Of Auctioneers Bill Passed Into Law At The Senate Of The 8th National Assembly
Chartered Institute of Auctioneers (Establishment, etc.) Bill, 2019
Chartered Institute of Auctioneers (Bill for Concurrence) by Senator. Ahmad Lawan (Yobe North -Senate Leader) Duly considered and passed. Learn More...

Annual Conference of South African Institute of Auctioneers in Johannesburg -17th April 2019

CIAN. Registrar/ CEO Adeleke Hassan, Vice Chairman ( Head of Governance) SAIA ...Philip Powell , Adewumi AndrewOnanuga, Chairmain, CIAN, Lagos Chapter and SAIA Administrative Manager..Mrs Sonja Styger. .. During the 17 th April 2019 annual conference of South African Institute of Auctioneers in Johannesburg

Special Guests - Adeleke Hassan CIAN Registrar/ CEO and Adewumi AndrewOnanuga, Chairmain, CIAN, Lagos Chapter

CIAN. Registrar/ CEO Adeleke Hassan making a presentation during the annual conference in South Africa.

Inauguration of Kano State Chapter of CIAN -  10th March, 2018.

Certified Institute of Auctioneers of Nigeria (CIAN) has inaugurated the executives to run the affairs of the professional body in its first chapter in North-West region situated in Kano state.
Speaking during the inauguration ceremony, the Registrar CIAN Mr. Adeleke Hassan revealed that, the institute is the centre of expertise in Nigeria for all matters relating to auctioneering founded to provide professional qualifications of highest standard through its training courses other programs professionally lined up for members.
Similarly, the newly inaugurated vice chairman of the state chapter of CIAN Zahoor Ahmad Mansoor revealed that, the auctioneering sector in the state has been a very big ;business empire but operating informally. According to him the establishment of the Kano chapter will give many auctioneers the chance to grow their business and to maximise their chances of practicing globally.
“We have to start somewhere in our bid to educate the public especially practicing auctioneers on series of benefits they stand to gain under the professional body and also the inauguration of the Kano chapter will be a step forward in the actualization of the chartered bill will is at the committee level at the National assembly,” said the vice chairman.
The state chapter has 13 executives, they have been sworn in and also the chapter’s activities had since begun.

Auctioneers Conference

Distingueshed Fellowship Award Night

Venue: REIZ Continental Hotel Abuja
Date: Wednesday 25th April 2018
Time: 5:00PM

Organised by the Certified Institute of Auctioneers,Nigeria (CIAN).

All members are hereby invited.

Auctioneers Conference

1st Lagos State Auctioneers Forum &
Distingueshed Fellowship Awards

Venue: NERDC, Opp. Fela Shrine, Ikeja.
Date: Thur. 31st May, 2018
Time: 11:00AM

Organised by the Certified Institute of Auctioneers,Nigeria (CIAN).

All members are hereby invited.


January 22, 2018
By Adewumi Ojo

The certified institute of Auctioneers of Nigeria, Lagos state chapter, has canvassed for a transparent action in disposing of national asset through engagement of professionals that will solidify its value and income generation.

At an event organized by the Institute in Lagos, which focused on “2018 Budget Outlook Reflating the Economy through Auction practice”, fellows of the institute lamented the poor handling of sale of national assets and rotten state of some national properties.  They believed that sale of national asset can generate revenue for the country if professionals can be engaged.

They posited that proper handling will contribute effectively to the growth of GDP and economy especially in reducing budget deficit.

They resolved that engagement of professional auctioneers will encourage transparency and accountability that will positively impact on the economy.

Elaborating on this, a fellow of the institute, Dr. Yemisi Shyllon regretted the way some of the national asset is being handled, which according to him  has  led to loss of revenue for the country.

“There are lot of assets of the government that are wasting away because they don’t dispose them appropriately and of course our (auctioneers) involvement will ensure transparency and government can get good value for such asset. When an auctioneer is involved it means that the asset will be properly listed, valued and the process will be very transparent and everything will go to the government directly.

He enjoined government to make use of the institute of auctioneers in disposing of national asset, believing that it will guarantee more value and probity to the resources.

“If the Certified Institute of Auctioneers can be involve in the disposal of national asset, in the process of privatization, because we have skilled people and professionals who can give better valuation and ensure that the government gets the best value for the asset.

Auctioneers should be given the opportunity to contribute their professional expertise in the issue of disposal of national asset with a view to having the best value for those things to be sold and ensure there’s transparency and probity in the whole process”

”We are calling for speedy passage of our Bill at the National Assembly which will recognize the institute as a chartered institute, it will go a long way, now it has passed second reading, it’s now with the committee”.

The keynote speaker, Barr. Dayo Adebayo, said government is not benefiting from the sales of national treasury by relevant bodies which they put in charge. He alleged that process of sale of national asset has always been manipulated and lacks transparency which has caused government to lose a lot in the process.

He said the processes adopted by these bodies has always been cumbersome for auctioneers to be involved calling for a modern method as it’s done in developed nations.

“Registration process put in place by those in charge has always been tough and cumbersome to approach by auctioneers, there’s no transparency and government is not even benefiting optimally from it. Qualified hands must be engaged in ensuring professionalism, value and advantageous process in the disposition of this.”

In his remark, the Lagos State Commissioner for Commerce, Industry and Co-operatives Mrs Olayinka Oladunjoye who was represented by the Director of Commerce, Mr. Akeem Adeniji lauded the landmark role of the Institute and for organizing the event. He similarly commended the Institution’s effort in positioning the nations economy positively.

The Commissioner promised to keep collaborating with the Institute for more efficiency and accountability that will aid economic sustainability and development.

He posited that maximum benefit can be attained if the Institute can create more advocacy and leading role in auctioneering while urging them to show more of their relevance in promoting auctioneering in the county and institutions.

“The event they organized here today is a very good way of starting the year, and of course the profession needs that feasibility, they have been operating without the knowledge of many people but they have the potential to add to the economy, the GDP, and to create employment.

“Once there’s concrete feasibility from this institute, advocacy from them will be given due consideration, now we have a lot of public asset we have a lot of history how they are being disposed and a lot of things that have followed such disposal. If we now have an institute whose sole responsibility is to dispose assent following due diligence in a transparent manner I think such Institute should be accorded its pride of place especially in curbing corruption in the country.

In his address, the Chairman of Lagos state chairman of the Institute, Dr. Jogun Onabanjo, said auctioneering plays a pivotal role in the sale of national asset with the level of their expertise and professionalism.

Onabanjo said engagement of auctioneers in the sale of national treasury gives room for transparency, efficiency and value to properties.

“The federal government need a lot of money and some of the money they need is to be gotten from the sale of national asset, when you want professionals to sell for you those professionals would be auctioneers, the reason is that they sell by integrity, public will be there, whatever happens during sale is to be observed by everybody, picture and video are taken, and governments now a days need to be seen as been honest, and open, and that is why they need auctioneers.

When I sold a guitar for king Sunny Ade a lot of people were there and it was transparent, an auctioneer is someone that has been trained to sell asset especially to the public by a competitive method which is called bidding”


Date: 18th January 2018
Venue: LCCI Conference & Event Centre Alausa, Ikeja
Time:  11am -2pm

Kindly join us.


In a move aimed at sanitising the growing business of auctioning in the Lagos economy, the State government has begun the issuance of licenses to auctioneers, thereby making licensees the only legal operators that can engage in auctioning in any form within Lagos State.
Speaking during the formal issuance of licenses to 20 certified operators in the State, Mr. Rotimi Ogunleye, the State Commissioner for Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives, said the certification of the Auctioneers is predicated on the Auction Law Cap12 of Lagos State 2015, which stipulates guidelines for regulating the industry.
According to him, “This administration has initiated platforms to enable professionals to practice their trade and businesses without any interference or disturbance from quacks. It is mandatory that any auctioneer that will operate in Lagos State must be duly licensed. We are doing this in recognition of the importance of auctioning in any economy.”
The Commissioner posited that if people are allowed unfettered access to the business of auctioning without rules, their actions could be inimical to the socio-economic development of that environment, stressing that, “this is why the government is making sure that only qualified and licensed persons are allowed to practice.”
While assuring that the government will continue to play its part by creating an environment required to effectively position the profession, Ogunleye warned that government would henceforth penalise anyone found operating illegally in the State.
In his remarks, the Registrar, Certified Institute of Auctioneers,Nigeria, Mr. Adeleke Hassan commended the State for its effort, saying that he was pleased with the development and the certification process.
He averred that certification of the operators will boost the confidence of the public in auctioning and attract patronage both within and outside Lagos.

The NAA USA Train the Trainer Class ...Dallas Texas 2015

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